Thank you…

I just wanted to say I really appreciate all the people that have been fighting for freedom, justice, and truth. We’ve made so much progress and more and more people are waking up. It was worth all the hell ive been through for all the goodwill and fighting for righteousness people have been exercising (just please dont ask me to go through it again, at least not any time soon… gosh that was hell and its not over). As much as id love to talk to people about everything, I enjoy seeing the common man rise up. I dont know what the future holds or whether war pestilence and famine are on the horizon but I know I have millions of my white brethren that are willing to rise up against evil. Its been a hell of a journey. I remember when I decided to post my book online and all the crazy occurrences that almost made it impossible. But Im finally starting to get to a solid state (im shouldn’t say that,,, now im worried they’re gonna torment me… I still know I have a lot of enemies). Sorry im obsessed with a random girl ive never met. Its become its own hobby by now… when I meet her I won’t know what to do… I guess ill be texting her a lot? But we need to do everything we can to get fair and clean elections this year.. and im excited to see a batch of patriots go to war with the establishment and fight to take this country back!!!! I don’t know if ill ever become a statesman but I feel like ive got some good ideas and could do some good. But its not about me its about the country. If a better man were out there id vote for him over me… Anyway I hope people had a great 4th and remember that with great freedom comes great responsibility. You’ll be less safe and secure and not as many people will “care” for you but the more freedom you have the greater the possibilities… more wonders/marvels/writings/arts/education/everything will be possible even cars that run off water or air or flying cars and philosophy will come back where intellectuals aren’t the idiots at that say just wanna be rich and famous and make people suffer via lies (the polar ice caps are gonna melt by 2012.. the ozone layer will never be restored … wind energy isn’t harmful to the environment… ect…ect..ect) … and remember freedom is not the ability to do wrong but the ability to do what is right at all times. Thanks again for all the prayers !!!!! God let me heal gradually cause its better that way… Praise be the Highest God Christ Jesus!!!

Law 1 (amendment) the right to life

The declaration of independence declares that all men have a right to life from our Creator. Now the Creator they are talking about is the Christian Creator, the God of the Bible, as most of the colonists abided by the faith of the Bible. John Locke, the philosopher who originated the phrase that we have natural (of God given) rights to “life liberty and property.” Chief almost is life, for you cannot have liberty or hold property without life. Now unless a man imposes harm towards others or treason leading to death, which they deserve, no one has the right to take that God given right away. But all others, including the most innocent and pure of all life, the embryo, or the beginning of the human creation that begins in the womb, must be protected above all else. As the founders of the law were Bible people, the Bible declares that all men are created in the image of God and thus amplifies the magnitude of this core principle. Therefore no child shall be killed in then womb for any reason, save the life of the mother is in danger. The penalty of killing an innocent child, at any stage of development from conception, is death, as they are the most innocent and can feel the inhumanity of the pain of being ripped apart (proven by the fact the baby is fighting and trying to stay away from the needle as it is tormented to death). The mother who desires to kill her child must be sent to a mental institute as no sane or loving individual would dare desire to harm their offspring. Lastly true science says that life begins at conception and if they consider a germ a form of life than the embryo that will one day become a human must take precedent over all other life forms.

Lw two equality:

Our Delacaration of independence states that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Now if all men are equal under the law, how can we have racial laws? Or affirmative action? Or hate crimes? It doesn’t mean that all man are the same in talent or worth. All it means is that all men are equally made in the image of God and therefore have the same rights under the law. To favor any man for any reason in the law goes directly agains our laws. To pass laws that favor women, minorities, different religions other than Christian (Christianity is to be the preferred religion- we will get into that in the next law) are anti constitutional. The forteenth amendment was a joke and was written so openly that you can interpret it In any way. All laws need to be precise with clear intention. For if a law favors one group it discriminates against another’s. Therefor no special privilege based on sex, race, age, religion apart from Christianity, shall be given to any persons in these United States. Lastly, foreign invaders, or illegal aliens, are not to be hired for any reason as it takes away jobs from our citizens and harms our republic.

law three religion

All laws favoring any religion other than Christianity are to be expelled, as do any laws favoring any group of people other than Christians. all laws are based on a religion, the religion of the people, and the American founders wanted to base their laws off the Bible and Christianity. The pilgrims, the first successful group were strong Bible believing people, as were the Puritans. Even in the days of the revolutionary war almost all citizens upheld the beliefs of the Bible.

Congress U.S. House Judiciary Committee 1854

Had the people, during the revolution, had a suspicion of any attempt to war against Christianity, that Revolution would havre been strangled in its cradle… In this age, there can be no substitute for Christianity… That was the religion of the founders of the republic and they expected it to remain the religion of their descendants.

Currently we have chosen the religions of false science, humanism, and atheism. These religions teach that the individual is worthless, equal or less to the animal, and have no reason to be good moral upstanding citizens thus counterintuitive to a healthy strong society. It teaches worthlessness because it says we came from nothing, i.e. evolution or a Big Bang with no creator and thus our actions have little to no consequence in as we are randomly made with no purpose. It teaches mankind as just another animal and therefore have no rights because they are all just animals that come and go. All men are just animals and therefore the strongest men decide all policy as the strongest animals rule over. Thirdly If we are to believe the origins of atheism, evolution and the consequences of not having a diety there is chaos. People have not rights guaranteed to them because our rights come from our Creator. People have no reason to be moral individuals as there are no consequences for their actions. Why shouldn’t I satisfy my lust and rape of woman if there is no God, other than the law which was put there because we believe in a God that loves and respects females (ask muslims if their god cares about raping women)? But on an evolutionary level, we were made to reproduce at any cost and therefore rape shouldn’t be a bad thing, but celebrated as we are prolonging our species. In all aspects of society, without a higher power that punishes bad behavior, and thereby influences our laws , there is little incentive for any individual to be a moral upstanding citizen at the core level of rational. I would even argue that those who agree to social precepts like not assaulting women are inherently abiding by Christian law unbeknownst to them. Whether they would want to or not this is a Christian ideology, to treat others as they want to be treated. This is an example of a Christian principle put into action via law and the citizen obeying the Christian principle, even if they dont identify as Christian.

Christianity is to be proffered in every facet of society. By that I mean we respect the ways and teachings of the Bible and allow praying, teaching, and other It is to be reached in all schools as legal. We do not force religion on people (as in we dont force them to go to church or pick a denomination) but we do force the teachings of true religion for all citizens in schools , as our laws are based on the Bible and teaching of Jesus. Plus we cannot hinder those that want to worship the God of our forefathers in public. I think all citizens can agree the Ten Commandments are a good law starting point. And I would argue that the majority of people in America would gladly agree (they already do) to live by the commands of Jesus. Teachings such as loving your neighbor and treating your fellow man well, taking care of the less fortunate, hard work and providing for yourself and family, and sexual purity for both male and female are logical. We as a nation need to be united in something, and the moral laws of Jesus can unite us.

I would argue that by installing Christianity in our youth, we create well rounded, upstanding moral citizens that have purpose and understating. I would like to propose that all public school systems teach Creationism over evolution and have a bible class taught every grade k-12 to improve the cognitive skills and rational of all citizens. They may debate, question and have open dialect over all the Bible as freedom of discussion leads to a greater understanding. They may debate other religions so long as the teacher shows them why this is inherently incorrect to the logic of life. Because Christianity is superior morally to all other religions, it must be taught to improve the quality of life to all peoples of this land. I find it ironic that at this current state Christianity is outlawed in schools in the land of the free. It is the core of out nation. As religion is the basis for everyones actions, we must promote the best religion to all our students.

“It is impossible to account for the creation of the universe, without the agency of a Supreme Being,” he wrote. “It is impossible to govern the universe, without the aid of a Supreme Being. It is impossible to reason, without arriving at a Supreme Being.” George Washington

I know that could use a lot of work and rewriting ad polishing but I think it gets an idea across.

Law three homosexuality.

As true science says there are two genders, there shall only be two genders. As The Bible says there are only two genders so shall there only be two genders. All transexual surgeries are herby illegal as it is a form of mutilation and therefor harmful to the individual. It shall be classified as a mental illness and must be treated as such. Any teacher or individual who tires to push any transgenderism amongst children shall no longer be allowed any contact with children. And any surgeon who performs the surgery shall serve a lifetime imprisonment as they have destroyed the Creation of God. Also, anyone who promotes any debauchery of sexualize amongst children shall not longer be allowed any appearance with children and shall be punished with prison if caught.

Marriage is to be as God and true science defines it: one man and one woman. And if you are born a man you cannot change that. If you are born a woman you cannot change that. No good has ever come from any society when promoting homosexuality. All civilizations start to crumble when homosexuality is promoted. It shall not be tolerated in public, punishable by prison. No teaching of any form of sexual immorality shall be allowed in any public forum, such as drag queens, crossdressing, or homosexuals together, as it is detestable. If people snuggle with it they must seek counseling over the practice of it, that they may find healing and peace from their mental struggle. Any commercial or public support of any form of homosexuality will be be punished with a hefty fine and will be banned. Sexual immorality destroys a person and allow them to continue in it only makes the illness worse and harms the person more.

Lastly, any pedophiles are sentenced to death.

I just wanted to say that a lot of people struggle with bad lusts and they need help. They’re crying out for help with their lusts and we just make it worse because we promote and allow them to embark in deeper into these demons. Its harmful for all of society when any member engages in sexual perversions. Especially because homosexuals always want to spread their sickness, especially to children. If we actually cared we would help them in their mental weakness and getting off and away from the bad lusts. The reason they are depressed and suicidal are because of their sexual sickness, not because they are not embracing it but because they have embraced it. These people need help and we are giving them poison. Oh and they wanna sexualize your kids so they can have sex with them and groom them…


as the good God of Creation once declared “thou shalt not steal” and the philosopher John Locke said that give us a right to ownership- so shall all property bye ceased from stealing by any entity, including the government. Even if under conviction of a crime, the government has not right to cease property. Civil forfeiture is a crime against the citizens and is not allowed. Even if a suspect is being investigated the suspect cannot be stolen from. Really gotta work on this,,, this is bad… Id just like it to be debated. How can we stop the government from stealing from us while keeping people safe??? Maybe it mo that bad but id like someone else to write this up.. brains not working well for the subject.

The income tax is an outright theft of the American people and will be abolished. All taxes must have specific purpose and only used for that purpose. Otherwise its a form of thievery. People should know exactly to the penny where their tax dollars go. The government has no to right to take your hard earned money, not even for a good cause. If people want their money going to a good cause they can pay themselves. Also, the true church is reasonable for helping out the poor and needy, not the government. The government is always corrupt and will waste treasures as they are not held accountable for their actions.

day of rest

every Sunday shall be a day of rest for every American. Whether they choose to go to church or not it up to them. The purpose of a day of rest is, as stated, people need a day to rest and unwind because corporations and businesses will do anything to make more money and make them work. People need time to be with their family, whatever the occupation. They may do whatsoever they choose, so long as payment is not involved. The Bible that our founders believed in has God the Son saying that the sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath. He is saying God intended it to all mankind to rest from their weary schedules. I believe it was also to be around those you love, as no man lives forever on this earth . For emergencies, emergency employees will be on call. Grocery stores will be closed. Gas stations will be closed. All entertainment complexes of any sort will be closed. All businesses will be closed. Hopefully this not just helps families bond but communities, strengthening the core of America and creating a stronger country. Oh Christian pastor and church officials still get paid. Or maybe they should be payed Monday? And should poor people be allowed receive charity on Sundays? Or should they wait for Monday so corporations and fake charities that only give 10% to charity dont corrupt the day of rest and make people work for in the name of “charity”?


Charities that giver less than 85% to the cause are not and shall not be considered charities. That means no tax deductions and they must classify as a business. it is a form of business and thus a form of thievery from the people when trying to get donations. They will be forced to give back double what they stop to the charity if they do not meet the 85% given to charities.

Born in usa

Any human born in the USA shall not be a us citizen. They must have naturalized American parents in order to be granted us citizenship. The democrats have perverted the constitution to make you believe that anyone born on us soil is a naturalized citizen. This was never intended and is not the case. No anchor baby has the rights of and American citizen. This leads to problems as anyone in the world can sneak across the border to give birth. This only hurts our people we have now as they have to deal with people crossing the boarder, which its harmful to current citizens as immigrants may not ashore our value, heritage or culture/. As well as the fact hey may be dangerous and the trek is dangerous. Look I can think of better reasonings, the point is we cannot allow just any baby born here to automatically be a us citizen or new will lose our heritage and culture.

dual citizenship

No person in any circumstance shall hold a dual citizenship. Especially not if you were in any form of government. Your loyalty is eather with use or another country, not with both. Too many people hold a dual citizenship with Israel and America. Who are they loyal to? Cause all out money goes to Israel. Israel got border wall. Israel teachers hold guns to stop intruders. Israel gets billions and billions from our taxpayers. The point being that these “American” politicians hold allegiance to another nation and therefore do not have the best interest of America. No more dual citizenship period. If you wanna be an America you must be loyal only to America.


I believe gun safety and use should be taught to every willing citizen in the US. They should all know how to use it with all the safety tight in a class. This is essential for their safety, both domestic and foreign. Too many deaths are caused by bad safety practices and this could teach them the proper way to handle a gun. And if all our citizens were well trained no country would dare invade us. We would be unstoppable. I dont know a thing about guns (always assume its loaded) but id like some gun experts to help write this bill. It will deter criminals and create safer neighborhoods as the police are oftentimes worthless puppets of the state who cannot do their job due to lawsuits.


I would like to say that no police officer can be tried for a hate crime in any way. They cannot be thrown in jail unless there is absolute cause that they were reckless and in the wrong. Too often an officer is deterred from doing his job because they know they could lose their job or go to jail or be tried simple due to color of skin. I want police to have more freedom to be the good guys and protect the innocent. IF they go against orders but it is shown they acted correctly in protecting lives they cannot be held accountable.

Btw I wish the police could do there jobs and weren’t handcuffed behind corrupt politicians. I know there’s a lot of good ones that wanna do there job. We will take this country back. And you will be able to protect and do your job again.

Hate crimes

This ones tricky cause I want a 100% white America. But that’ll be while. You can call me a racist all you want but each group always fights for their own group, except whites for some reason. They fight for jews and blacks. I pray God make a way to make a fully white America. Anyway, until then, no hate crime shall exist. First of all the worded is retarded… all crimes are hate crimes. It shows the same people that say we are all one people and one race believe in hate crimes shows their hypocrisy. While we’re at it no affirmative action bill crap. No one gets special privileges (except maybe whites because we founded this nation, built this nation and this nation belongs to us and us alone. Every one else is just a visitor. )


The federal government shall never have a deficit. If so, no government worker shall get paid. No funds will be stolen from social security. No more stimuli packages were 99% goes to everyone put the citizen. Go to hell congress.


Any politicians who is worth more than there worth, x amount of dollars (we will into that at a different time, I just don’t know what the number should be) shall be investigated for insider trading, which shall be made 100% illegal with the punishment of death, and corruption at the highest offices. No person shall go into politics intending to get rich. If they want to write a book or give speeches, so be it. But if any of that is corruption, to the point that their spouse get wealthy, there shall be investigations as treasons against the people of the United States.


The politicians keep no campaign money over x amount of dollars. at a limit it shall be given back to the people. No cooperation shall be allowed to aid in donations. NO foreign entity can pay any money in out elections. No entity, including the democratic or republican or any political party, shall play any hand in candidates from each individual states. This assures we will get better candidates that align with the grassroots people of each state and the people are better represented. It will ensure more participants in our electoral process and give more power to the people.

online privacy

first of all.. no one under the age of 18 can register for any social media platform online or post any pictures online… in order to protect them form dangers and keep them from addiction and missing out on valuable face to face interactions skills. Any underage minor that goes on a platform will have the social media platform being fined millions per individual.

we need to find a way to protect individuals privacy online. Should these huge corporations have to pay individuals for giving out their private info? I think its wrong they steal information from you and make millions off your private choices via advertising. I dunno how to solve this.. my brains not working…. maybe a smarter man than me will solve it.

One thing I know for sure is that online mediums should be fined immensely for freedom of speech infringements and false misinformations signs and outright lies they propagate. Hefty fines in the billions a the lowest.