Journal of insanity

dioes anyone read these anyways? What am I dear woman?  cause I feel like the bad guy no matter who I choose. why would any good person wnat me to die with the devil? what happened in heaven??? how could God lose His power? I thought He was Almighty!! NO WAY OF LIFE WILL EVER … [Read more…]


If you’re in pain I will feel it I will be beside you I will aid you aliment However I can Always If you are lost I will guide you  I will comfort you I will make you forget the unknown And show you Theis is where you were meant to be With me Always … [Read more…]


I just want to say what a pleasure it is to be an American. We have such a tremendous heritage and i will not be ashamed of it. My people have given me so much hope. I see such courage and strength, i know we will rise again to new heights! I had no idea … [Read more…]