journal insanity 5 1/20/2023

you wanna hear an embraesign story… its r rated… I didnt masturbate until iw as a freshman in high school…. I had no idea how it worked and got addicted with my dreerpssion.. its all idid beside homework for weeks, maybe months … adn I kept trying to think were I was supposed to stick … [Read more…]

journal of insanity part 4

what do I desire in life… besides her… I still feel conflicted… on one hand I desire the voices to be real… that im gonna marry the greatest women ever… taht we’re gonna rule or resign or hold great power and everyone wants to follow us…. but it seems so out there..,. so fake… im … [Read more…]

journal of insanity part 3 12/24/2022

Unless the God of Creation had mercy… all flesh would wiped out… repeatedly Save us oh Lord…save us from moral decadence from invaders from parasites and from ourselves what do people want from me? what can I give you?? when the war strikes… what will happen to the women, children, maimed, mentally sick and disabled?? … [Read more…]

insanity part 2 12/16/22

if a woman cheats shes same as a whore… and should be treated as such if a man cheats he deserves to lose half his fortune his home and his family wouldnt atet be great to make laws against cheating/divorce for any reason but sexual immorality/ fornication ( I hate it with. passion… someone make … [Read more…]

Moral degeneracy fascinating   read.  Kudos to whoever wrote it.  SO the jews got the US involved in WWI!!!! That was the beginning of the end.  Before that we were isolationists.  Germans were gonna win wwI!!!!

Journal of insanity

dioes anyone read these anyways? What am I dear woman?  cause I feel like the bad guy no matter who I choose. why would any good person wnat me to die with the devil? what happened in heaven??? how could God lose His power? I thought He was Almighty!! NO WAY OF LIFE WILL EVER … [Read more…]


If you’re in pain I will feel it I will be beside you I will aid you aliment However I can Always If you are lost I will guide you  I will comfort you I will make you forget the unknown And show you Theis is where you were meant to be With me Always … [Read more…]