If you’re in pain

I will feel it

I will be beside you

I will aid you aliment

However I can


If you are lost

I will guide you

 I will comfort you

I will make you forget the unknown

And show you

Theis is where you were meant to be

With me


If your are lonely

Wherever you are

I’ll be beside you

Guiding you

Loving you

Cherishing you

Supporting you


If you’re in sorrow

I’ll wipe those tears

I’ll cry for you

I’ll take it upon myself

Until you laugh

And weep no more


If you are poor

I will give you my love

I will show you laughter

I will make the rich Envy you

For the all the love and good

That comes your way


I you get i old i hope i love you more than ever…. i dont wanna be those pos that leave their wife for a younger better looking woman in their old age… i want to be yours and yours only… always

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