I just want to say what a pleasure it is to be an American. We have such a tremendous heritage and i will not be ashamed of it. My people have given me so much hope. I see such courage and strength, i know we will rise again to new heights! I had no idea how great my people were! I knew we had potential, but this, this is greatness. Im so proud of those holding the line! Im praying for you. I apologize for my insanity making me say things that are not pertinent to the ongoing revolution. Im not sure what i am or my ultimate purpose, but i got a lot of fight as my people do. We are taking our country back, and those in power are terrified. What is worse, dying for freedom, or living in fear? I will not back down even if im not a hundred percent. I hope there a thousands of men who are getting ready to kick some shell in the 2022 elections in all the levels of government. I wish i could run for something, but im just not in a good state. Keep praying and seeking God! My emotions and my mind tell me there lies about God, but you can never trust yourself. Id rather trust in the Almighty, He is the reason ive made it thus far.

Pray hard for the communities about to be attacked by anti racists. Ill never understand how rioting, burning, and looting, or peaceful protesting as they call it, solves racism. So you stealing will stop people from viewing your people as trash? Because you beat, burn, and destroy, people will hear your message that you are opressed? Personally, i think the opposite would work, but what do i know. I dont think like them. Probably because of my white priveledge or white supremacy that i dont understand. I suppose when you cant even have a rational deabte, the only option to be noticed is to cause chaos. It reminds of children that throw temper tantrums when they dont get what they want. Instead of talking about the issue with a shred of intelligence, they scream “its not fair” and pout, destroying the room in rage. I suppose not everyone is gifted with the gift or logic, so maybe that’s why there are so many peaceful protestors. I think we need a new dictionary for what their terminology is, because their code words really are another language. Either that or they really are retarded. I know retards that know the difference between peaceful protests and rioting. Apparently not educated experts. What do they teach you in school?

Kyle is free!!!! Praise God!! Im so happy!!! I thought I may have sprained my ankle but I don’t even care!!!! He shot a pedophile and other criminals in self defense. Love this hero!!! I hope he sues all these media members for all their worth!! Ive been praying hard Kyle!! God is good. Sorry I’m obsesses with mental issue stuff… You have no idea how great you are!!! I knew you were gonna be free the minute I prayed for you. Mercy=justice. Love he’s from Wisconsin. So proud to call myself a Wisconsinite.

That is a huge load off my back. I new he’d be set free, but it still feels soooo relieving. I have hope for the republic!!!

I hate the left wing media scum. They go after men and women who haven’t been charged yet and make presumptuous assumptions. The deliberately lie and slander when they don’t always have the facts and sometimes when they don’t. They will purposefully obfuscate evidence to twist it the way they want it to appear. Why do they go after young men and women and villainize them so hastily? I hope he sues them for all their worth.

Being a lover of history, greatness, and western civilization, Italy has a special place in my heart. Home of the Romans, which was such a great empire. Indoor pluming, great infrastructure with all roads leading to Rome, and sense of law and order ares me of the great aspects of the empire. Huge fan of Marcus Aurelius. He seems like to hold christian ideologies and abide by them (a philosopher king- stoic). Rome was at the center point of human history: the Christ and Savior of the world. I believe there are a lot of roman Christians in heaven. And say what you want about Constantine, but he first of all stopped the butchering of Christians. That goes a long way. He also held the council of nicene, which such a pivotal and influential point in Christianity, Constantine is more than alright in my book. Devout Christian or not, I believe he was, he did immense good. Anyone who stops the persecution of fellow Christians is a great man. And Britain was a continuation of Rome while America was a continuation of Britain. I could go on or gush about Italy and the Renaissance . They have such a rich history with Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo , Raphael and others;. I would love to learn more of the Renaissance and latin, a favorite dead language of mine.

Pray hard for Australia, there may be hard things goin on there. Pray for all of western civilization. We need to take our countries back.

Alright so I don’t know history as well as id like and Id like to make some corrections. Marcus Aurelius may not have been a Christian (although he held many principles) and Constantine may not have been a devout one (its tough to fully understand truth of the past. History is complicated. I know no one cares, but I do. I want the truth.

Innocent people getting attacked by perverts!! They deserve justice (I’m so sorry what I wrote before, I got a lot on in my mind) Thats why they need to teach sexual purity. The deeper you go into the rabbit hole, the worse the sin gets. Do we want someone like that? Are those accusations true? Maybe we should find out… Heres a sicko

I love the freedom fighters in the world!!! People are taking a stand left and right for truth. Im so sorry I’m struggling with mental stuff. I wish I could do more. We are taking our countries back!! The people rule, not the elites. God is good

Per viritatem vis.Strength through truth.

Saw an encouraging post online. A white family of 11!!!! How cool is that?? I love big families!!! If didn’t come from one I guarantee I would have killed myself. Its a huge reason I have strength and so many virtues. They were always there for me!!! I want to see a white nation of big families!!!! The stronger the bonds, the less we can be manipulated. Big families do so much good for everyone. And they contribute high character mean and women more often than not. And those who want big families are more than not good people. Its so encouraging!!! you don’t know how much I love to see big families!!! Im frankly immensely jealous. I want as many kids as God will give me (in due time). Honestly, instead of welfare, we should invest in families. If you have at least 5 kids you get x amount of dollars but the father must work at least 30-40 hours. And more for more kids. It will pay itself off if they work and get us those ever needed workers (instead of illegals). That way we can build back white civilization. I hate the lies of overpopulation.

had a quote session, don’t know who reads this vs texts. write them here so I don’t lose em Anyway:

nothing quite like the love of a woman, especially a beautiful one. They take away so much pain.

rivalries push us to new heights, camaraderie encourages the soul, and introspective discovers new depths of a person. But love love can make a person complete.

What good is the spotlight if you don’t make an impact for good?

sometimes a small act of honesty is the deepest morality

if you are honest with nothing to hide you can finally be fearless

What good is courage done with evil??? Is that even courage or is it carnage?

courage done with evil intent is just carnage…

creativity is knowledge of the imagination

Muses can be a distraction or enhancement. If you can control your muse you can control you life.

The logical evolution of words enhances a language. The repetitive use of slang hold its communication hostage.

Repeating use of propaganda is callousness of the state

Neither geniuses or retards care what fools say.

To be propagated is vacuity. Freedom of will is freedom of mind.

Because school demand you submit to propaganda, it hinders brilliant minds from enlightening the world

when truth, or pure Christianity, is taught the mind becomes a beacon of light and illumination.

strength of mind creates change. Strength of body creates war

the mind can progress society or stifle freedom, it all depends on the foundation

patience through adversities is the start of greatness

being able to handle mocking enables you to fully embrace your inner self

confusion, confrontation, and a condescending aura are roots of animosity

One aspect i hate about our governing officials is they twist Christianity. The same ones that say “separation of church and state” also claim they are great Christians and we need to show Christain love. They take the opposite stance of what a Christian government should be almost always. For example, they should be protecting kids from sexualization at young age. They do the opposite, a form of child abuse. They also want prison reform in the worst way possible. They show the prisoners “love” by allowing rapist and violent offenders, including murderers, back on the streets. How is that loving your law abiding neighbors? By endangering them? How many times have the democrats said “we need to show the love of God” or something to illegals? What about showing the love of God to your fellow Americans? They use God when it fits their agenda, but when God goes against it, they cry “separation of church and state.” They will use foreign religions for their benefit as well. Why should any Islamic be allowed to practice their barbarous religion here? How many beheadings or bombings or shootings before we realize they hate us? True religion can be a way of peace or a tool for power.

If this is true, im more than outraged… How dare these worthless black scum murder innocent young girls. Im feed up with all this hypocrisy. They cry racism racism and then go out and murder innocent young children. Do they not see why we think so little of them? They really do need to get back to the hell hole countries they belong, because they are demons. They have no place in a free nation, they cannot handle it. All they do is make everything worse. How many innocent lives of my people have been sacrificed for this great rally cry of globalism. Im so tired of my people being told they don’t matter. Im so sick of white people being blamed for everything and then told to take the abuse. They mock us for loving them. There can be no unity with evil monsters. How else can you describe him? He needs to be held to the highest punishment of the law. That monster. But this is how it always is when innocent white people die. Im no tired of no one caring about my people . I GIVE A DAMN. And I pray for more than justice for those innocent lives and families. How can anyone be a liberal? Those monsters.

If we actually held everyone accountable to the law, this wouldn’t happen. Im tired of a different set of always for different races. The whites can’t defend themselves or they have a 2 million dollar bail (remember the constitution saying no excessive bail)? While a black man can literally kill innocent children and have a five thousand dollar bail. how many innocent lives are killed by illegals and minorities before we wake up. They hate us. It is all about race. Thats all they care about. Scummy jews are laughing. How long do we put up with these atrocities before we rise up and go to war? Its like they want us to war. They are so evil, they’ve been doing this for years and years while the media covers it up. Why do you want to believe in a global society? Why do you want every murderer to be welcome in this nation? How come when its white people they don’t get the attention or sympathy? Im so tired of this hypocrisy. Pray hard for the country. Pray hard we figure out how to solve this wicked problem. I so tired of my people being treated as worthless. WHITE LIVES MATTER. Maybe not to media, government, or other races. But they matter to God.


I don’t know what the law is but I know what it should be. If you murder an innocent child you should receive capital punishment. How else can such a heinous crime be reciprocated? Its the only thing that is fair. Lets see how fair our courts are… Will he be held accountable? Will the media go after him like others? They were children!!! How many innocent lives must be lost? How many children are sacrificed due to “reform” of murderers being put back on the streets? Im so sick of injustice. Is not being racist worth the lives of innocent girls?

Maybe whites should “peacefully protest”. to end racism towards them… (please don’t, that was a joke). I haven’t been this indignant in ages. #THANKFUL FOR HELL

happy thanksgiving week

I am thankful for

my mental illness- it made me what I am today. the hells Ive encounter molded me into whatever ive become. No one asks for pain, but everyone asks for what you get after the pain. I am what I am because of it. And one day, I will conquer it. Im sick and tired of complaining about it and begging for prayers. God will heal me, but I will be a man and stand. I will be strong and lead as I was intended to. Im so tired of being weak. Im not gonna let an illness or the contemplations bring me down. Im going to rejoice that I have something to keep me humble. I am going to rejoice that I can help others that suffered as I do. I want you to know it can and will get better. Stay strong. Weak people succumb to their illness and fears. The strong hold on. And I am thankful God gave me strength. Im going to be whatever the people need, a scapegoat or lion. I would gladly give my life for my people and their freedom but I know I must live. Im gonna fight everything and win, because I see my people rising up. I see them turning to my God, and I am overjoyed. I see great strength and courage. I know if the whole world goes to war, my people will fight fearlessly. WE ARE NOT COWARDS.

How can one justify war? Was it not Augustus that taught a just war? Only to defend yourself and your way? At what point do we stand up and defend. We want peace, and will try every means to protect our rights peacefully. We do not go to war until every measure has been tried to bring peace lawfully. I hate war and wish it for no one. But im tired of my people dying in the name of racism. GOD HELP THIS PEOPLE

I know need to keep my rage in check. This is why I hate getting angry. I just hate what they did to those poor kids. “Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty and he who rules his spirit thats he who takes a city.” proverbs 16:32

Do not get into the Apocrypha. These are not books entrusted by the council of Nicene. They may be heretical, most if not all. They are a test to see if you’ll stay true to Christ. Will you go after tantalizing extra books or stay true to the old faithful Bible? Ive been struggling with mental illness so much that it even affects my faith. Everytime I have a breakdown, my faith is destroyed. Im trying to hold on. I told you I wasn’t this great man…I have so much doubt and there are times I don’t even know if Jesus is the good guy. Im so sorry my faith is so weak. I feel like I have the world on my shoulders and my mind isn’t right. The reason I was hanging on was for Jesus but if He doesn’t love me, I don’t know what im holding on too. I wish I could see someone ive never met to encourage me and say, don’t give up, Christ is the good guy, just hang on, you’ll get through this. Just posts of faith on the internet help me right now. I have no idea what I am or what age we live in or why im so confused right now.

One great thanksgiving tradition is to go around the table and say some things we are thankful for. I think its fantastic and look forward to it every year. Im thankful that im still a Christian, even with all the doubts and confusion. Im gonna make it through this. GOD IS GOOD. and im thankful he chose me for my calling. Hang in there, my fellow brothers and sisters, we will overcome. The world will not fall into Communism. Not with the fight I see in you. You guys are changing history for the better. Im so thankful that the people are rising up. I knew I couldn’t do much, and Im glad you guys took the burdens and helped me carry them. Have a great thanksgiving day!!!

I am what I am because of the Bible and seeking after God. I will not abandon my roots. “Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, you who seek the LORD. look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the quarry from which you were dug.” Isaiah 51:1

they say laughter is medicine. Giving thanks is therapy

Right to life liberty and property are all basic rights given by Almighty God (John Locke). This may be the founding thesis for our government. Why Jefferson changed it to happiness is beyond me (discussion for other day). Property is vital for any society or civilization. Ive said it before but how do you expect to own anything if people can steal? All it does is hurt everyone. If you cannot own, all there is is chaos and anarchy, with no room for personal possessions. God the Creator gave the earth under the ownership of man. And the commandment “thou shall not steal” proves that property is a God given right. You can’t steal what someone doesn’t own.

Now stealing can come in many forms. You can steal election votes, you can steal politicians influence (with money), or you can get the saint George Floyd discount and steal as much electronics as possible. How can we except businesses to operate when we have hoodlums stealing up to $500 dollars worth of property? Society will collapse. No one can weather that storm. These people are uncivilized barbarians. They cannot handle freedom. It is not freedom to be able to steal. It helps no one and is not a right that anyone should be afforded.

Now one of the oldest tricks in the book that jews and globalists us is the gift of relabeling actions via different words. When a baby is killed in the womb we dont call it murder, we call it abortion. When illegal immirgants come here illegally we call it undocumented immigrants. This only diverts the mind to a euphemism or softer connotation. We forget what the actual action is and focus on the newly created word. You can say people rioted with buildings burning and people dying or you can relabel it and call it peaceful protesting. That sounds a lot less severe, no? And the newest call, from the experts is undocumented looting. You can’t make this up,. They think you are a moron. They insult your intelligence by using cute phrases that only obfuscate. They are mocking you every time they use the word abortion, peaceful protest, or undocumented immigrant. They know you’re a a fool and will believe anything if it is repeated enough. They think the American people are as dumb as their newscasters and will buy into any lie. Don’t be a fool and seek understanding. Ask what they mean and make them explain how undocumented loot ins’t stealing. Turn it around not them and make them be the fool they are.

Mass immigration is a way to steal a nation.

Non political here, but here’s a question ive pondered in the past: why do we go to movies when we dont talk or interact? I have a theory and ill answer it later. ya know what? Ill let my female counterpart answer that one… she knows;)

Just so everyone is on the same page, the apocrypha, or non canon scriptures is almost always hearsay. The only book worth its salt is Enoch but it should not be treated as Scripture because it leads to the worshipping of angels. Dont get into it, it may be heresy as well. And do not treat Enoch as Divine Inspired. When I said accursed books, I meant they were evil. The council of nicene was where God inspired men to choose the correct books to be included. The other books should not be treated as Holy or Biblical. DO NOT READ THEM IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE FAITH. They really should be off limits, they’ve even made me struggle. But I believe they are a test of faith. Who really believes Jesus? Who really trusts Him or knows Him? Who seeks after Him and Truth? Its an easy way to divide the goats from the sheep. Worship Christ. He is God.

One trend ive noticed in society is that we are taught to “trust the experts.” Who exactly are the experts? Does a certificate make you an “expert?” Does having lifelong experience in congress make you one? How about being wrong about global warming time and time again? How about spending more money than any one company makes in a year and the people never receiving any benefits from it? Or maybe its giving money to illegal aliens while your own people suffer. But in society, we are taught to follow those “smart” individuals and not to think independently. You are a fool if you question the geniuses in power at science, schools, and government. We are trained to look for intelligence in others and follow that instead of using our own judgement and discretion. We define intelligence not as the ability to discern right from wrong with a sound mind but pushing an agenda and fitting in. Why does everyone have to agree for something to be right? Where are the smart, independent thinkings that are unafraid to go against the grain? We punish those who stand alone by labeling them as the worst offenders (you know, the racists, sexist, ect). We encourage groupthink because we think it makes us stronger and more united. I for one, would rather free rational debate be promoted instead of mindless zombies that do not challenge why. The truth should always be sought after, no matter the price.

What is congresses job? To make laws that aid the citizens of this nation. What do they do? They spend money. Why are they wasting the middle classes hard earned money while giving tax breaks to the rich? And what do we peons receive in return? Illegal immigrants get our taxpaying dollars!!! That is the very definition of treason. These sick sociopaths have no right to represent the American people. All they do is pass bills that they haven’t read and they dont understand. How can you pass a law you can’t understand? That you’ve never read? How can you call yourselves a lawmaker. I bet that can’t even pronounce half the words in their laws, let alone comprehend them. All they do is spend more money. That is congresses number one job. The more money they spend, the better they do. I wish my job was as easy as seeing how much money I could spend. On second thought, women do make great politicians…

I wanted to say how important Christ is in my life. I had some struggles, and serious doubts (happened last breakdown too). I lost my reason for life. I became suicidal without the hope in Christ. I really didnt want to go on. It gets dark. But somehow, Christ reached down to rescue me. Christ is the reason ive made it thus far, and i pray He hold on to me through eternity. Christ is the reason i am what i am today. SOLI DEO GLORIA

KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS!!!! i need all the aid i can get.

Im sorry I haven’t been writing as much, im really trying to beat this illness and get back to my faith. I hope I can still help.

The right to life is a scared right that no man, government, or organization should infringe upon. It is a fundamental building block of any society. If we cannot guarantee the safety of our people, we cannot have any sort of civilization. Our Creator gave us life and no one should be able to take it away barring criminal activity. Now, the Declaration of Independence is a part of the Constitution and should be treated as such. It is an unalienable right that ,must be protected at all costs. If our government cannot they fail in their duty. And if the right of any living human is deprived, it is only a matter of time before others’ lives will be endangered. If they take away the most innocent of all life forms, whose to say they will ever stop.

I dare any one to watch a baby being aborted and then come and tell me they still support abortion. It fights for its life as you rip and tear it apart. It is the ultimate horror and the ultimate crime. To kill the most innocent of all life forms? Have you ever heard of a baby endangering another’s life? Then why are they able to be punished if they’ve done too wrong? If you still support that atrocities you are soulless. So much precious life wasted. and why? Ive heard the argument that asks if liberals would be okay to murder puppies in the womb of a dog. And how much better are humans? The most innocent of all needed the most protection. They are the future, and we are killing them.

Just because someone doesn’t want to take care of their child, doesn’t mean it should be murdered. If a toddler is unwanted, do we just kill it? Humans do not have the right to decide who lives and who dies. That is not our place as judge. There is no right to kill. Only in self defense and ive never heard of a baby making another life in peril. And the most innocent of all life forms must be protected. We must protect those who cannot protect themselves. Otherwise we truly are just brute beasts.

Here is a practical question, if the government forces you to partake an action, and it is detrimental to your health, are they held accountable? And if it is lethal, how can the government be held accountable? Why should they be put off their responsibility to the people? If they deliberately or not harm a citizen due to their mandate, thy must be held accountable. Every person that has been harmed or a loved one should be able to sue the individuals in government that made these mandates. How else is there justice? PEOPLE IN POWER MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. The higher the position, the higher the accountability.

Now can one sue an individual or must they sue the government. If they sue the government, the scummy individual gets away scot free and could care less so ,one as he holds his job. And the money ends up going to tax payers dollars. Essentially, when you sue the government, it comes out of your pocket and your neighbors pocket. How is this justice? The worst part is no one is held accountable so nothing ever changes. Those who make polices and mandates must be held to a higher standard. If they are free from any lawsuits, they will never stop in their way. Again dont know hot at the law is, but I think this is what it should be. Otherwise people do not care. If there is no repercussions for passing illegitimate or laws that do not benefit the people, they never will cease.

Thank you to all the patriots that are fighting the good fight. I apologize for sidelining myself. I just needed to recoup. Think im doing loads better and am grateful for you soldiers on the front lines. I think I can focus on life and let go of those obsessions that were holding me back. I usually get that stuff buried and to myself. Ill save that stuff for later in life;) Do not ever give up. I know our prayers are working. It also helps with extra medication. God can use medication for prayers, no? Now, let us focus our efforts of praying for an end to the atrocity of baby killing. Watch Unplanned if you haven’t. WE MUST SAVE OUR FUTURE. The most precious resource in any country is their people. And the babies we are saving have so much untapped potential, we cannot give up on them. They will surpass our knowledge, delve deeper into art, and innovate beyond belief. But only if they live to see tomorrow.

Here is a principle of life: if any organization, government ,or business offers an inch, they will end up taking a mile from you eventually. The founding fathers hated the stamp act because they knew it would only increase in taxes. It always works that way. The government says income tax will only be a measly amount. Fast forward to today and they are charging up to 40% or more. The same principle is true for these regulations for covid. The more you buy into the regulations to keep you safe, the farther they will go until they have all power. You either have more freedom with more responsibility or you have more control by the governemnt with more ” security.” The end goal is communism. They are getting closer and closer. And unless we stand up now, we will not have a chance.

Here is another truth: if a crime goes unpunished, it only leads to more crime. it will only exacerbate the situation. . Lets think logically for a moment. If i see a fellow man stealing up to $500 of merchandize without any repercussions, what do you think my reaction will be? Am i gonna say that ill never steal? Maybe some who the law may target, but those groups that can do no wrong will capitalize on the situation. They will realize they can get away with anything, so they will get away with anything. They will loot as much as they can. Unpunished crime leads to more crime. And those criminals who put others lives in danger are the responsibility of the lawmakers who let them out in the public. The lawmakers are the real criminals here. And they must be held accountable.

Blacks and whites have too much that differentiates. We are not compatible. I hate hate crimes as much as the next, but they will never leave until the haters are gone. I don’t see whites publicly calling blacks the reason for all their problems. And even most of them have a different form of Christianity. How else can you explain the sanctification of a druggie, criminal who was a danger to society? Here is the blasphemy They can worship their great saint all they want. What is gonna do, cry racism? Blame everything on whites? What is he, the god of recreational drugs? The god of crime? Enjoy your god, i hope he hears your prayers. Im not sure how it helps anyone to exonerate him as this great man. Blacks can worship him all they want, ill take the real God everyday.

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